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Rediscover the epic story of one man and the most remarkable event in our history 

Year: 2014 
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: Unknown 
Certificate: BBFC 12A Cert – Under 12s admitted only with an adult 
Subtitles: The level of subtitling in this film is unknown to WSC 
Directed by Darren Aronofsky 
Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins  

Noah is an epic adaptation of the biblical tale starring academy award winner Russell Crowe as the eponymous hero alongside an all-star cast.

The story depicts Noah as having a special connection with God. Repeatedly, Noah receives visions and warnings from God that forewarn him of Earth’s impending doom. A series of apocalyptic events plague the inhabitants of earth as meteors rain down from the sky, the earth begins to crack and shudder before finally, the terrible flood consumes all.

Once Noah realises how God is going to end the world he and his family, comprising of Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly, begin to build the legendary ark. However, natural disasters are not the only threat with which Noah has to contend. In building the ark he antagonises the king, played by the magnificent Ray Winston, who is outraged at this challenge to his supreme authority. However, with God at his side, Noah remains undeterred by the threat of the king’s army.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Noah is an exciting and breath-taking modern adaption of the biblical tale, beautifully combining the terror and tragedy of the flood with the hope of redemption and a new beginning. Powerful, moving and tense; this film is definitely a good way to procrastinate from the terror of term three!

Lauren Howard

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Screenings of this film:

2013/2014 Summer Term (digital)