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Want free films for yourself and a guest?

Yes, that's right! Get involved with Warwick Student Cinema and you and a guest can come to as many of our standard screenings as you want for free.

What's the catch? There is a minimum commitment but it isn't much; a few reviews every term or stewarding once a fortnight, for example. Beyond that, there are plenty of opportunities if you're interested but it is really up to you.

What can I do then? Well, that's entirely up to you but we like to think there is something for everyone, be it stewarding films, training as a projectionist, helping to design our new website, or writing a film review for our booklet. Have a browse around the Get Involved section of our website, send us an email at info@filmsoc.warwick.ac.uk or just say hello to one of the front-of-house staff before or after a screening to find out more about the different roles.

Why should I do it? Persuade me! The simple answer is that we need you. The society cannot function without the volunteers who help keep everything running smoothly, so that our audience can come and see the film knowing they will have a great time.

But, what's in it for me? Aside from the free films, you will be part of a society that will develop your transferable skills and increase your attractiveness to employers. And that's not forgetting our regular socials.

So, what do I do next? Your best bet is to send an email to info@filmsoc.warwick.ac.uk or just say hello before a screening and we'll tell you how best to proceed from there.

The WSC Exec

Last updated Sat, 31 May 2014 19:49:04 +0100

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