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Data Protection at Warwick Student Cinema

What data do we hold on you?

The data we hold on you depends on where we got it from. In general, data on members will have come from the Students’ Union. Data on University members who are not members of WSC will have come from the University. Additional data on anyone who has a website logon will have have been provided by you directly.

Warwick Student Cinema members and Students Union members

Information on the majority of our members comes from the Students’ Union. Twice per day, we check that all the data we hold is up to date with the data that the Students’ Union hold on you. To have your data corrected, use the Students’ Union portal and the information we hold will be updated next time we synchronise our database.

E-mails sent to members make use of the BCC field to keep all members anonymous. A log is kept of e-mails sent and the addresses they were sent to for identifing technical problems and to keep a record of any communication we have had with any members via this method.

University of Warwick Students who are non-members

When a non-member attends a show, their student status is validated using the University’s LDAP address book. This information is then cached on our system to make it more efficient next time you attend a show and to allow us to compile attendance statistics.

Website users

When you create an account on our website, you may be given the option to provide additional information about yourself. This information may be in addition to information collected about you from the Students’ Union. In this case, the information collected from the Students’ Union will still be synchronised twice per day, so any amendments to that data should be made through the Students’ Union portal. The additional information you have provided directly can be amended by you through the Filmsoc website.

The option is also available to disable synchronisation of your data with the Students’ Union. In this case, all data held on you can be updated through the Filmsoc website.

Who has access to this data

The only people that have access to all the information held on you are our system administrators and the exec.

What other information do we collect

When you use our website, we collect information about what pages are visited and where you are viewing the website from. This allows us to compile statitics about how many unique users visit our website and how they use it.

If you logon to the website, we also store a cookie on your computer. This cookie is used to identify your session whilst you are logged on. The cookie contains no actual information about you or the session itself.