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127 Hours

Every second counts. 

Year: 2010 
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: Unknown 
Certificate: BBFC 15 Cert – Not suitable for under 15s 
Subtitles: The level of subtitling in this film is unknown to WSC 
Directed by Danny Boyle 
Starring: James Franco  
An image from 127 Hours

Danny Boyle’s heart-breaking masterpiece follows the harrowing true-story of Aron Ralston. After failing to tell anyone where he was going, Aron was left 100ft deep in Blue John Canyon, trapped by a boulder for 127 hours. It really does drum home the old parents’ warning, ‘always tell someone where you’re going’!

Starting with high action, adrenaline sequences the film shows this young man at 27 years old, living his life to the full. What a striking contrast to the second half of the film when Aron’s terrible ordeal dominates the screen. This tragic story is beautifully and meticulously crafted by British award-winning director, Danny Boyle.

What you might think sounds an awfully depressing film, in fact beautifully captures Aron’s humorous and alluring personality as his light hearted attitude helps him face the harsh truth that he is trapped 100ft underground, in a remote area, with no one even knowing he’s missing.

Flashbacks to his childhood and family allow Aron to see how much his life has meant to him, how he lived his life to the full. But ultimately, and heart-breakingly, allow him to say goodbye to his loved ones as he marks on the rocks, like a tomb stone, his name and his expected date of death: ‘Aron Ralston RIP 1975-2003’.

You will be emotionally moved by his poignant story as you feel both loyalty and admiration for Aron. During the 94 minutes you watch the film remember he was trapped for 81 times that length of time, for over 5 days, for the eponymous 127 hours.

The squeamish might have to overt their eyes for 3 minutes during a rather harrowing sequence (I’ll say no more!) but it’s worth it to undertake this powerful journey of loneliness, sheer desperation and utter bravery.

Emily Hopkins

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Screenings of this film:

2010/2011 Summer Term (35mm)
2010/2011 Summer Term (35mm)