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The Grey

Live or die on this day 

Year: 2012 
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 (Scope) 
Certificate: BBFC 15 Cert – Not suitable for under 15s 
Subtitles: This film is not expected to be subtitled, though this cannot be guaranteed. 
Directed by Joe Carnahan 
Starring: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo  
An image from The Grey

When a group of hardened oil-rig workers are stranded miles from civilisation after a plane crash, it is up to Ottoway, a sniper, (Liam Neeson) to save the workers he was contracted to protect. Fighting for survival in a frozen wasteland, their chances of returning home become ever slimmer as a pack of vicious wolves strives to eliminate the crew.

The Grey delivers so much more than you might expect. Whilst there are tense battles of man against wolf, The Grey is an intelligent film, filled with gritty naturalism and intense scenes of action and emotion. The desaturated palette of the landscape builds upon the bleakness of the situation which the characters are thrust into, and each scene vibrates with tension thanks to the expert manipulation of sound, which leads to many a shocking moment. Liam Neeson once again proves himself to be the acting powerhouse we’ve become familiar with, and the slow unfolding of information related to the characters means you are in a constant position of paranoia about who will die next.

The Grey is a truly harrowing sensory experience which manipulates a fear of the unknown and the sense of dread which accompanies the sensation of being stranded without a hope. All in all, The Grey is an fast-paced action thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation and dread – not to be missed!

Aimee Crickmore

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Screenings of this film:

2011/2012 Summer Term (35mm)
2011/2012 Summer Term (35mm)