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The Room

Can you ever really trust anyone? 

Year: 2003 
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (XWide) 
Certificate: Unknown 
Subtitles: This film is not expected to be subtitled, though this cannot be guaranteed. 
Directed by Tommy Wiseau 
Starring: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle  
An image from The Room

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” It’s the movie so bad, it’s good. Whether you’ve seen The Room 100 times or this is your first time, you’re in for a treat. And, if it is your first time… prepare yourself.

When Tommy Wiseau set out to make a film of epic proportions about a man named Johnny, who was struggling against the forces against him and the betrayal of his fiancé (who is cheating on him with his best friend), there was no reason for it to become a bad film; or a legend. And yet, it did both.

There is no way to review this film and say it is a good movie. Awful dialogue, worse performances, a nonsensical plotline with a dozen meaningless subplots all culminate to create one of the worst films ever made. But because it’s so bad, this film is one of the most enjoyable cult films ever made, with a huge fan base that can quote its many terrible lines and have participated in screenings across the globe.

Expect the worst and this film will still surprise you. What you can expect, however, is a really good time.

Make sure to check out The Disaster Artist too, which tells the incredible story of the making of The Room!

Tiff Milner

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