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Pitch Perfect 3

Last Call, Pitches 

Year: 2017 
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (XWide) 
Certificate: BBFC 12A Cert – Under 12s admitted only with an adult 
Subtitles: This film is not expected to be subtitled, though this cannot be guaranteed. 
Directed by Trish Sie 
Starring: Ruby Rose, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow  
An image from Pitch Perfect 3

The Barden Bellas are back!

Having won the world championships and passed the torch on to a new group of Bellas, Becca (Anna Kendrick – Into the Woods), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson - Bridesmaids), Chloe (Brittany Snow - Hairspray), and the gang have all been moving on with their lives – entering the world of work, careers and ‘serious’ relationships. (Some even more-or-less successfully.)

However, reuniting to support the newest Bellas, they realise how much they’ve missed singing with each other, and that they’d do anything for one last show together. Their chance arrives when they step in last-minute to an overseas USO tour, where they learn a record label is watching and ready to handout a record contract to the best performers. If they win this, they’d be able to continue singing together – forever! However, competition is steep. The other groups even sing their own songs and play instruments - acca-scuse me!

You could criticise this film for not being as good as the first, but then again - how could it be? Most importantly, Emily Banks and John Michael Higgins return as Gail and John to provide their inimitable style of cutting, over-the-top and highly inappropriate commentating that, let’s be honest, always brings the belly laughs. If you’ve watched the first two, you’ll know that light-hearted fun and a catchy repertoire are the perfect start to the weekend, and this film will not let you down.

Gail Marshall

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Screenings of this film:

2017/2018 Spring Term (digital)
2017/2018 Spring Term (digital)