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Key Allowances

The following keys shall be issued to the appropriate members at the discretion of their respective committee head and President. All key holders must be members of WSC. All keys are subject to recall by the Executive Committee should it be deemed necessary, in spite of any qualifications held by the person in question.

Position / Key



Dual Proj/Office

Corridor Key Box

Technical Key Box

DM Locker




Films Officer

Chief Projectionist

Chief DM

Publicity Officer

Technical Officer

IT Officer

Marketing Officer

Duty Managers


Key Agreement

I understand that the keys I have been issued with shall remain the property of the University of Warwick Students’ Union and must be returned immediately upon the request of the WSC Exec, any Students Union Sabbatical Officer or the Societies Administrator. Keys must be returned to the WSC President, or their nominated representative, who must be an officer of WSC or the Students Union.

I agree to use these keys only to carry out official WSC business and understand that unofficial use, or non-return of keys, is a serious breach of conduct, and could result in disciplinary action in conjunction with the Students’ Union, the University or both.

This key agreement expires at noon on Thursday Week 10, Term 3, and so all keys loaned by this agreement must be returned before then, ahead of the summer vacation, unless you are a member of the WSC Exec at the time, in which case this agreement will roll over to the end of your term on the WSC Executive. I understand this and will return my keys before this deadline.

Keyholders are reminded that the University has Security Policies regarding keys to University premises. These policies apply to all keyholders, and you consent to abide by them by accepting custody of university keys. Important points include automatically returning keys when requested, not loaning your keys to others and leaving the area secure. Full documentation can be found on the University Security website:   http://go.warwick.ac.uk/security

If at any time I become aware that these keys have been lost or stolen, then I shall notify the WSC President immediately, to allow them to act accordingly.