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DM Meeting @ 2011-10-04 00:00:00

Welcome: People were welcomed

Apologies: Jordan Maciel, Liam McNamara, Weronika
Also in attendence: Matt Wilkinson, Ben Wen

Prizes: Prizes were awarded to - R.H. for 25 DMed, Fergus for 50 DMed, George for 200 DMed and 300 Stewarded since I became Chief DM

Rotas: Analysed throughly and filled

Number of TDMs to take later in the term (~week 4): 5 then maybe add more depending on circumstances

FoH social: Planned for week 4 to include new TDMs

Summary of free shows: The new banners are nice and everything else seems to work!

Ticket Pricing Summary: Notice appears on EPOS about selling £1.50 ticket instead of free ones
Exra explanation to stewards on Thursday
Child tickets shouldn't be ticked; only a DM overide option
NEVER use the toggle all button
Latecomers are £4.50

AOB: Missing the 'No camera/recording equipment at all' (paraphrased) sign for the door and has been for a while.
WSC key agreement under review --> now a new one exists which needs to be signed by all

TDM discussion

Meeting ended at 18:59

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