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Publicity Meeting @ 2013-05-15 16:00:00

Meeting commenced at 16:05

Present at meeting:
Alina Haddad (Chair), James McLachlan, Andy Smart, Olivia Lynch, Joe Baker, Ellen Buckerfield, Hugh Nurse
Apologies from:
Chloe Pugh, Robert Gardener, Matthew Kent

1. Review of Summer Term publicity:
• All present were happy with how the A2/A4s looked for the Summer Term.
• The publicity officer noted the different forms of distribution of the publicity: a publicity run in the open halls of accommodation on the Saturday before term began, the street team distributed publicity to the inaccessible halls of accommodation (Tocil, Bluebell, Sherbourne, and Claycroft), and pigeon-holing.
• The publicity officer stated that the publicity distributed by the street team should have been organised earlier on in the term and that there should have been a greater push for pigeon-holing.

2. Weekly publicity:
• The publicity officer explained that we also give out weekly publicity on top of our termly publicity and that training is available for those who would like to create any.
• Joe Baker signed up to make the weekly publicity for week 9 and 10 of term.

3. Themed publicity:
• The possibility for themed publicity was discussed but no suggestions were made.

4. Autumn Term publicity:
• A4/A2/Business cards/booklets will be made for the coming Autumn Term as agreed in one of the previous Exec meetings (refer to minutes of 30.04.13).
• All publicity distribution will be organised for week 0 of the next academic year. A greater effort will made by the publicity officer to ensure distribution happens much earlier and more efficiently than it did with the most recent publicity distribution.
• Sign-up for the publicity will go live on the website in the next few days.
• It was suggested that everyone ensure they have the remote log-in pack if they are interested in contributing to the Autumn Term publicity.

5. Training on graphics/titles/editing
• Training on photoshop and quark (programs used for creating the publicity) are available as requested. It was advised to get this training, if needed, before the end of term in preparation for the Autumn Term publicity.

6. AOB
• It was mentioned that the back of the A4 publicity needs to be updated, text and design should be improved, and that the map needs to be updated.
• A query about how to get involved with writing reviews was raised; anyone interested should contact either the publicity officer (Alina Haddad) or the reviews editor (Olivia Lynch) to be put on the mailing list.

Meeting ended at 16:40

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