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Exec Meeting @ 2015-01-25 14:00:00

Minutes of the Warwick Student Cinema (WSC) Executive Committee meeting held on Sunday 25th January (Term 2, Week 3)


L3, Science Concourse

Present: Jess Carroll (Films Officer), Reece Goodall (Acting President; minutes), Richard Kirk (Marketing Officer), Thomas Purchas (IT Officer), Allie Wyant (Treasurer)

In attendance: Hannah Davies

1. Welcome and Apologies
Apologies were received from Jordan Flynn (Publicity Officer), Rachel Keighley (Chief Duty Manager) and Alex Pointon (Technical Officer). It was noted that the meeting was not quorate.

2. AllNighter
I) Films
The films are unconfirmed, but the predetermined line-up will be promoted. The Films Officer will keep exec in the loop. The Pixar shorts will be obtained, as something to show between the films.
ii) Ticket Prices
It was suggested that the ticket prices remain the same as the previous AllNighter - it will be discussed on an exec thread. The Publicity Officer sent in a request to order 2000 A6s - this was deemed a good idea.
iii) Charity
Reece will find out what deal was agreed with UNICEF.

3. Film Studies Update
There was no update - Reece is to meet with the Societies Officer.

4. Elections
It was suggested that offering a free film to anyone who voted would be more effective than pizza - it will be taken to exec.

5. Time and date of next meeting
The next meeting will held with the new exec, likely in week 6.

6. AOB

Meeting ended at 14:25

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