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New user Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have a membership number
    If you are a Warwick Student Cinema member, then you will have a membership number. If you need to find this number, please email itofficer@warwick.film. Please note that you will not need your membership number if you have your University number.
  • I don't have a University number
    If you are a Warwick Student Cinema member, then you do not require your University number in order to use the website. Locate your membership number and use that to create a website account.
  • My membership number/University number doesn't work
    You require a Warwick Student Cinema membership in order to get a login for the website. If you have only just purchased your membership then you may have to wait up to 24 hours in order for the database to be updated. If you have waited longer than this and you still can't create an account then please email itofficer@warwick.film for assistance.
  • I was a member last year, will my login still work next year?
    You should be able to – if not, email itofficer@warwick.film for assistance.
  • I just joined this year and the system doesn't recognise my library card Wait 24 hours and try again, our system may need some time to update itself to include new members. If you desperately need access to the Associates' pages (for instance, to sign up to steward/project/DM shows), or the system continues to not recognise your card, please contact itofficer@warwick.film.