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Marketing Team

The Marketing Team advertises WSC through digital formats such as our LCD and pre-show slideshows and social networks.

The Marketing Team works under the Marketing Officer and works closely with the Publicity and IT teams. Responsibilities and functions include:

  • Creating high-quality advertisements for every film screening to populate our pre-show and LCD screen slideshows, whilst maintaing a consistent, high-quality brand image.
  • Finding interesting content to keep our social network feeds (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) up-to-date and relevant, including writing tantalising summaries of every film.
  • Editing together trailers to generate excitement for the WSC programme each term as well as big events such as Allnighters. These works of art then get shown to thousands of our audience members before screenings and remain available on our YouTube page for all eternity!
  • Producing promotional videos to sell the society as a whole, showing the world what goes on behind the scenes. These videos are typically entered into "Best Society"-style competitions and are shown to our potential sponsors, so quality is of paramount importance!
  • Innovating the way the society is publicised, discussing new ways to utilise technology to increase our visibility. You are encouraged to discuss any ideas you may have on the mailing list.

Slide adverts for films Editing videos Facebook page

There are two specialist roles within the Marketing Team with their own responsibilities. The Marketing Officer chooses who from the Team fills these positions:

  • Digital Trailers Co-ordinator acquires trailers for all the films on our schedule and converts them into the correct format for playing on our new digital projector, editing them if needed. They must ensure there is always an appropriate number of trailers ready to play before films. They work closely with the Projection team to ensure the trailers are accessible and work correctly.
  • Photography Co-ordinator ensures that photographs and videos are taken of all major WSC events, and that photos of the day-to-day workings of WSC are kept up-to-date, and that these are organised into our archives. They are the first port of call if anyone in the society needs photographs of specific things for the sake of publicity.

If you are interested in getting involved in the team, please contact the Marketing Officer at marketingofficer@warwick.film.