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Projection and Technical Team

The projection team ensures that all films are projected to the society's highest standards, whereas it is the responsibility of the technical team to maintain WSC's equipment to minimise the chance that screenings are cancelled or delayed due to equipment problems. WSC currently operates a changeover system of two Victoria 8 35mm projectors, we also have the capability to use a long play system and have recently upgraded to digital projection as well.

Projection Team

Want to get involved in the society in a more technical capacity? Then sign up to become a projectionist! The benefits of being a member of the projection team include:
  • Free films for you and a guest to all of our screenings.
  • Learn a dying art! 35mm projection across the world is being replaced by digital.
  • Get a key to the proj box! This means you are a valued member of our team and trusted enough to use all of our equipment without supervision.
  • Meet loads of great people equally as committed to the society.
  • Great to put on your CV.

The projection team, led by the Chief Projectionist, is responsible for the actual presentation side of all films. Once a projectionist has signed up to a show it is their job to project the film to the highest possible quality, without causing damage to the film or our equipment; thus ensuring the audience has the most optimal viewing experience possible.

This process starts when the film arrives. Firstly, the films projectionist must properly prepare the print (ideally this would happen several days before the showing). Then the film must be shown properly to the audience. Qualified projectionists will normally take one trainee projectionist for each show and progressively ensure the trainee knows everything they need to know in order to be a qualified projectionist themself. The commitment for trainee projectionists is ideally to cover one show a week, merely so that all the knowledge they pick up is kept fresh. Once projectionists qualify they normally cannot project as regularly, merely due to the number of qualified projectionists.

The training scheme sometimes has a waiting list (though if it does it is usually not very long). To become a trainee, you must first complete an initial training session - where the basic concepts and equipment are introduced, after which trainees can sign-up to project any show. Crew status (which allows free films to be obtained) is gained after the second show a trainee projects.

If you would like to get involved in projection or for more information please contact the Chief Projectionist at: chiefprojectionist@warwick.film, who will gladly receive your email.

Technical Team

The technical team, led by the Technical Officer, is responsible for making sure that our projection equipment is maintained and in full working order. The technical team also oversees upgrades in the equipment WSC possesses and makes recommendations for investments in equipment that would aid the projection team. Membership of the technical team is open to qualified projectionists - this is because their training enables them to have a better understanding and a much greater familiarity with our equipment.

The technical team has semi-regular sessions where routine maintenance to equipment is carried out. Training is a regular part of these tech sessions as it is important for more experienced members to impart their knowledge to newer members.

Read up on our Full Technical Specifications!

For more information, or if you wish to get involved in the technical team, please don't hesitate to contact our Technical Officer at: techofficer@warwick.film, who will be more than pleased to receive your email.