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Advertise with Warwick Student Cinema


Warwick Student Cinema offers a variety of advertising opportunities for societies, student services and other commercial entities internal and external to the University of Warwick. Our rates are competitive as we exist entirely as a not-for-profit charitable service for the members of the University of Warwick. Money raised through advertising is invested into new equipment, maintenance costs and reducing ticket prices.

If you are interested in promoting an event, a product or increasing awareness then consider the options we can provide. By advertising with us, your adverstisement will be seen by thousands of people who come to see our films, or read our publicity, across the whole of campus.

Please try to contact us at least one week before your advert needs to be displayed, but we can often accomodate last minute requests. We reserve the right to refuse advertising on any grounds, and external entities should be aware that we may be subject to restrictions imposed by our sponsors.

WSC is the largest society at the University of Warwick, selling over 15,600 tickets in 2011-12 at 186 events, of which 6,998 tickets were free of admission charge.

Slide Advertising

Pre-Show Slide Advertising

We run a slideshow before the scheduled start of all our screenings, where slides are displayed for 15 seconds in rotation. Over 3,900 people came to our screenings between Oct 2011 - Jun 2012. Multiple slides can be purchased but cannot be queued consecutively. We do not offer video advertising on the main screen. Slides must be exactly 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) and in landscape orientation, in PDF/JPG/PNG format or on a PowerPoint slide.

LCD Screen Advertising

LCD Advertising

WSC owns and operates two 42-inch LCD screens, one situated directly outside three lecture theatres totaling over 600 seats, and the other located in the busy corridor leading to these theatres and the rest of the Science Concourse. Students waiting to attend lectures can easily spend 10 minutes waiting directly in front of these displays, with new students coming every hour. The location was recently described as 'probably the best place on the whole of campus' for screen advertising to students.


Prices are subject to change.

  • Warwick Clubs/Societies
    • Pre-show/LCD Slide Adverts: £15 per slide per week
    • LCD Video Adverts: on request
  • External Entities
    • Pre-show/LCD Slide Adverts: £60 per slide per week
    • LCD Video Adverts: on request

Prices are inclusive of both LCD and preshow slideshows and are subject to change. Video advertising is now available for the LCD screens, but cannot include audio.

All adverts must be static images, exactly 1920x1080 pixels in size, and in PNG, JPEG, PDF or PowerPoint formats.

Advertisements will be shown in whole-week slots beginning on the day of your choosing. Bookings for multiple consecutive weeks are welcome.

Book Advertising by contacting: advertising@warwick.film.

Joint Screenings

We are happy to run a screening in conjunction with another Warwick Club/Society, but these must be organised during the previous term to that of the screening when we plan our schedule. All WSC members will receive an email announcing the opening of planning for the next schedule, after which you should get in touch as quickly as possible.

Usually only two or three joint screenings can be arranged per term, and can be organised financially in various different ways, including an option where we cover all costs, but keep any profit / absorb any loss. We will put your name/logo in our booklet, and ask for you to promote us to your members in exchange.

More information on this option is available from the Films Officer (filmsofficer@warwick.film).


Booklet Advertising

Booklet advertising can consist of a variety of different options. We are able to offer half page or full page adverts and space on the reverse side of the "pull-out" schedule at the centre of the booklet.

Our booklets are distributed to the majority of kitchens on campus, and several boxes are picked up by students passing our publicity stand in the Science building. Our publicity has a print run of approximately 9,000 booklets.

If you are interested in advertising in our booklet, then please contact us with your requirements and we shall provide competitive rates.

Please note that booklets for the next term are normally finished by the end of the previous term, and you should contact us no later than Week 6 of the previous term.


Warwick Student Cinema holds a sponsorship agreement with an external company each academic year which is negotiated at the end of Term 2. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact our External Relations Officer (externalrelations@warwick.film) for more information.