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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Warwick Student Cinema?

    WSC is the largest society on campus and is a cinema run by students, for the members and guests of Warwick University. We show a wide variety of films from Hollywood blockbusters a few months after their initial release, to the more obscure artistic films that didn't get the cinema release they deserved, and the classics that you want to see again.

  • Where do you show films?

    Films are screened in Lecture Theatre 3 on the Science Concourse. This is situated over the bridge from the library. Click here for a map.

  • How often do you show films?

    There are screenings on five or six nights each week with two shows on some nights. For more information click here to see our schedule.

  • How do I know what films are to be shown?

    Posters showing all of the films scheduled for a term and booklets featuring reviews of all these films are available free from various pickup points across campus and at the ticket desk before films. The Film Schedule is always available on this website.

  • Where can I buy a ticket?

    Tickets are available in the science concourse corridor leading up to Lecture Theatre 3 from 20 minutes before the film starts. In order to get a good seat and to allow the show to start promptly please arrive in good time. Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.

  • How much does it cost to watch a film?

    Ticket prices for standard screenings can be found here. Special event prices such as for The Allnighter are set per event and will be publicised around the event.

    To become a member of the Society costs £3.50 and includes one free standard film.

    Every member of the University may bring one external guest to each screening subject to the Guest ticket price.

  • How much does it cost to become a society member?

    Annual membership costs £3.50, and is valid until the end of the Academic Year during which it is bought. In order to join us, you will need to be a member of the University of Warwick Students' Union Societies Federation - details of which can be found on our Tickets and Fees page and on the Students' Union website.

    If you become a society member then you will receive one free ticket to any standard film of your choice, this means that if you are a member of Societies Federation you can pay £3.50 to join the society and see a film and get future discounts!

  • How can I become a society member?

    Memberships are available on the door and can be obtained when you purchase your tickets. Memberships can also be purchased online using the Students' Union website. and via the Students' Union reception located in the Students' Union North building.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a society member?

    Joining WSC means far more than just getting yourself into films a lot cheaper! If you are a member you are able to further reduce your film viewing costs by buying a film ticket for only £3.00. Becoming a member also means you can get more involved with the running of the society and it enables us to inform you of WSC events and news which may be of interest of you (we promise we will not send unsolicited email and the frequency will be kept to a minimum).

    We also run special promotions for society members, more info on the Tickets and Fees page.

  • Can I buy multiple tickets?

    Yes. You may buy up to two tickets (one for you and one for a guest) for any film. We do not sell term or annual passes.

  • Can I take food and drink into the Cinema?

    No Food, No Drink, No Smoking The use of L3 is loaned to us by the University and hence as one of the conditions of use we must respect and enforce the usual "No Food/Drink/Smoking" rule. This is regardless of the fact that these rules are largely disobeyed during the daytime.

  • So do you show DVDs?

    No! We show most of our films in the format used by all major cinemas, and we are also fully equipped with every professional digital cinema sound format available today (Dolby Digital, DTS and SDDS) – meaning if there's a digital soundtrack to a film, we'll be using it! We also have over 8kW of amplification power so the speech on the soundtrack is crystal-clear while the effects sound as the director intended.

    We also have the ability (and inclination!) to show films in 70mm – a format not generally seen outside of the best cinemas in London's West End. Whenever we can, we will screen a film in 70mm for its improved picture and sound quality, and we usually schedule a 70mm showing of older films during each of the Autumn and Spring terms.

  • How can I help out with Warwick Student Cinema (i.e. become a crew member)?

    You can help with stewarding, projecting the films, publicity and the IT teams. For more information email us at info@warwick.film or arrive early for a regular screening and tell whoever's about that you'd like to become a Crew member. Please have a look at the Getting Involved section on our website.

  • Why would I want to help out with Warwick Student Cinema?

    The reason most commonly given is that if you help out a reasonable amount you are entitled to attend all our screenings for free. However, there is more to it than that. Inevitably, in a society as large as ours (nearly 3000 members) the majority of members are in effect merely customers. Becoming a Crew member of WSC is like becoming an ordinary member of the university's other societies (except it's free) and gives you the opportunity to write reviews, learn how to work a film projector, write something on your C.V. and – most importantly – have fun along the way.

  • Dear Warwick Student Cinema, will you…?

    The aims of Warwick Student Cinema are to promote film interest for educational and leisure purposes. We do not provide answers to specific film queries, though discussion may take place on the forums. Warwick Student Cinema will happily help with queries relating to film societies and we do provide advertising opportunities (see the advertising page for more details).

If you've still got a question, please feel free to contact us either by emailing info@warwick.film or on our forum.