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The Exec

Here you'll find more information on each of the people on the Executive Committee, or 'The Exec' as they are more commonly known. You can contact them by email.

Photos of some current and past exec members and many other people can be found in the picture gallery.







Irene MercaderIrene Mercader is the figurehead of WSC and is therefore responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of its activities. The President normally chairs meetings and carries out general administration work.Casper DavidsonCasper Davidson minutes meetings, books rooms and replies to emails.




Films Officer



Taylor WilkesTaylor Wilkes manages the finances of the Society. With the help of the Students' Union, the Treasurer budgets and ensures that we are not spending more money than we have!Alice Glasgow Joshua BullinAlice Glasgow and Joshua Bullin are our contacts with our booking agent and film distributors, ordering the films we show and ensuring their timely arrival and departure.

Chief Projectionist



Chief Duty Manager



Kieran HallKieran Hall is responsible for making sure there is a projectionist for each show as well as organising the training and administration of projectionists along with the rest of the Projection Committee.Iain WalkerIain Walker is the person responsible for making sure there are enough 'Front of House' staff for each WSC event, and for the administration, qualification and training of Duty Managers and Stewards.

Publicity Officer



Technical Officer



Anna Solecki Nicola LeathardAnna Solecki and Nicola Leathard are responsible for overseeing the production of all WSC publicity material. The Publicity Officers are also in charge of putting film posters up in the cabinets around the Students' Union.Alex PointonAlex Pointon keeps all of our equipment in good working order. The Technical Officer ensures that any broken equipment is fixed promptly and is responsible for planning upgrades to our facilities.

IT Officer



Marketing Officer



Benji LevineBenji Levine is responsible for our website - making sure it is in working order and looking good. It is the IT Officer's job to ensure that all relevant WSC information is available there. The IT Officer is also responsible for any other IT provision that the Society may make, such as use of the Students' Union and IT Services networks.Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies accepts advertising and maintains the presentations on our LCD screens and before shows. They also update both our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Events & Socials Coordinator



External Relations Officer



Hilla HamidiHilla Hamidi organises and administers regular socials, writes quizes and co-ordinates events (aka Overlord of Fun!).Todd OliveTodd Olive is responsible for all communications with other companies and societies, making sure that WSC can provide the best possible service to clients. They look after drawing up and fulfilling sponsorships, as well as contacting companies about the potential sponsorships.

How they got there

These people were voted to be the current exec at the Annual General Meeting held in Term 2. If you wish to stand next year more information will be available nearer the time, but feel free to talk to us. It's a good idea to start getting involved with the Society as soon as possible so people know who you are!