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Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

  1. A WSC loyalty card may only be used for the purpose of gaining stamps or redeeming films by holders of a valid Warwick University Card (i.e. students and staff)
  2. A stamp will be given upon the purchase of a full-priced WSC ticket (£4.00 for non-members or £3.00 for members) or a pre-arranged society social ticket or a Members first film free ticket. Members' free films, late-comer tickets and other free or reduced tickets will not be eligible. Stamps will also not be given for special event (Movie Pub Quiz, AllNighter etc.) or External ticket purchases.
  3. Only one stamp can be given per person per film.
  4. WSC loyalty cards are non-transferrable and WSC reserve the right to check an individual's ticket history to verify that cards are not being used fraudulently.
  5. For the Autumn 2016 card, stamps may be earnt at any full-priced film up until and including the final screening of term on 6th December 2016.
  6. Once four stamps have been collected, the free ticket may be claimed at any standard WSC screening in the 2016-17 academic year.
  7. Free tickets may not be used for special events (Movie Pub Quiz, AllNighter etc.) or in combination with any other offer.
  8. WSC reserve the right to refuse to merge two cards.
  9. WSC reserve the right to refuse to add a stamp to a card after a customer has purchased their ticket and left the tills.
  10. A WSC loyalty card has no cash value.
  11. WSC loyalty cards are not for re-sale or transfer.
  12. WSC reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.